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Give your lawn a boost with a professional core aeration service by the expert lawn maintenance team at Lush Landscape & Irrigation.

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Over the course of time, your yard may become so compacted that it prevents air and moisture from efficiently reaching the roots of your grass, it can even inhibit the nutrients in fertilizer from penetrating the soil’s surface. This compaction can often occur due to an event such as a party or gathering hosted on your lawn, kids playing sports, mowing and more. When this happens, your turf requires a visit from a team that knows how to rejuvenate soil to create a dense root system. At Lush Landscape & Irrigation, we utilize commercial-grade machinery that mechanically remove the cores of turf as opposed to poking spikes into the ground. Removing cores allows for air and moisture to flow freely into the soil and reach the roots. 

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

When is the Best Time to Aerate a Lawn in Minnesota?

This is a common question we receive from both residential and commercial clients. Aeration can be done any time during the growing season as long as temperatures are not too hot. However, we typically perform one round of lawn aeration services in the spring and fall. The first core aeration takes place after the spring clean up, lawn dethatching and first fertilizer application, most often this is mid-April through mid-May. The second core aeration is performed from mid-September to early-October to provide the turf ample time to recover before winter arrives.

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