Spring Clean Up

Wake up your lawn from winter’s wrath with a thorough spring yard clean up from Lush Landscape & Irrigation. Serving residential and commercial clients in Isanti, Cambridge, Saint Francis, Elk River and other areas throughout the north metro.

Spruce Up Your Lawn in Early Spring

A typical Minnesota winter generally brings multiple months of bitter cold and snow. Once temperatures rise and the snow melts, most lawns look pretty bleak and are in need of help. The work done to your yard in the spring will set the tone for the overall health of your turf throughout the growing season. At this time, your grass needs to cleaned out and stimulated to begin a healthy growing process. Debris such as leaves and sticks that have accumulated over the winter months must be removed to allow the turf and landscape areas to get sunlight, air and water that’s necessary for them to thrive. Our highly-trained lawn maintenance crews always look forward to the warm early spring days spent tidying up lawns to prepare them to look amazing throughout the next several months.

Our Spring Clean Up Service Includes

Since your yard has now been opened up, it is best practice take this opportunity to apply the first fertilizer application (a crabgrass pre-emergent with nitrogen and potash) immediately following a spring clean up (and especially after lawn dethatching). This allows the fertilizer to more effectively condition the soil beneath your lawn, leading to a better prevention of crabgrass and more nutrients for your grass to grow stronger.

To learn more or the schedule a spring yard clean up for your property, give us a call at (612) 386-0783 or request a quote!

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