Brush, Shrub & Tree Removal

Whether you are renovating your landscape and require old shrubs to be removed, or you have a 50′ tall Ash tree that needs to be cut down, the experts at Lush Landscape & Irrigation can take on the task!

Professional Brush, Shrub & Tree Removal Company

Despite trees providing us with oxygen and making properties look majestic, they can create a potentially dangerous situation. Whether it is due to a lack of maintenance, high winds or a lightning strike during a thunderstorm. Overgrown trees can also pose a threat due to a protrusion into the space surrounding your house, garage or out-building. If you have troublesome trees that are too much to handle, give Lush Landscape & Irrigation a call to get the brush, shrubs or trees removed safely and efficiently. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout Isanti, Cambridge, Elk River and Saint Francis and other surrounding locations in the north metro.

Tree removal is not an easy task. It requires proper knowledge, forethought and highly-trained personnel equipped with the right tools to get it done safely. Our tree removal crews possess decades of experience successfully removing trees, including standing trees and trees that have fallen during a weather event such as a thunderstorm. When assessing a tree removal job, our team takes several factors into consideration such as the size, variety and current damage to the tree, as well as its proximity to structures, landscaping, gardens or anything else on your property, and lastly – the current weather conditions.

To get more information on our brush, shrub and tree removal services, give us a call or get an estimate today!

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