Stump Removal

Whether you recently cut down a few trees or are tired of that unsightly lawn ornament, get in touch with Lush Landscape & Irrigation to professionally remove your stumps.

Professional Stump Grinding Company Serving the North Metro

Rarely do tree stumps provide a valuable addition to your property with the exception of being something to sit on or place flower pots on top of. Our tree experts use state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment to effectively remove any size stump. We can even remove the left over wood chips and soil, then prepare the surface with black dirt and lay sod or grass seed over top, or if you wish to make the former stump area into a new landscape area, our crew can plant shrubs, then install mulch and edging to create curb appeal. Regardless of the reason for your stump removal project, you can trust the expert team at Lush Landscape & Irrigation to efficiently grind and remove the stump while ensuring we reduce the impact to your yard and surrounding landscape.

Reasons To Remove A Stump

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