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Your driveway is one of the first things a visitor will see upon arriving to your home. There is not a better way to set an ideal first impression than having a stunning concrete driveway that greets and welcomes visitors. Concrete is a perfect material for driveways because not only is it incredibly durable, but it can be built with different design styles, patterns, colors and textures. This allows your driveway to become an important element of a home’s exterior by creating a factor of uniqueness, especially with the custom flair of textured or stamped concrete. Our concrete installation team is well-versed at installing all forms and styles of concrete driveways. Pricing for installing a traditional concrete driveway begins at $6 per square foot. To get your next concrete driveway project started, give us a call today at (612) 386-0783 or request a quote

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Our Typical Concrete Driveway Installation Process

1. Demolition and Removal

If your project involves removing your existing driveway, whether its asphalt or concrete, our crews effectively remove it with heavy equipment and haul away the debris. If your property is brand new, this will include excavating into the existing soil to install the proper depth of base material.

2. Site Prep

The next step is preparing the area where the concrete will be placed. This begins with preparing the sub-grade. For existing driveways, the area will be evaluated for soft spots, and soil that is not uniform. Once the dimensions for your driveway have been planned out, a gravel base is laid and compacted with a proper slope to direct water away from structures such as your home.

3. Forms and Reinforcement

Wood or steel forms are set along the edge of the entire area where the concrete will be poured for your driveway. These are held in place with stakes. Forms are designed to be removed easily once the concrete has cured. Next, reinforcement steel such as mesh or rehab is installed as needed, (contact us for more details).

4. Concrete Pouring

Once forms and necessary reinforcement are in place, it is time to install your new concrete. For most driveway installations, a ready-mix concrete truck will arrive at your property to pour into the forms and our crew will smooth out and move the concrete as it is poured to ensure an even surface.

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5. Pre-Finish

The concrete is leveled out and edges made to look uniform. Followed by screeding the surface and using hand trowels to even out the smaller areas and edges. 

6. Finishing, Cutting Joints and Curing

Once the surface has been prepped, our crew applies a finish to your new concrete. Many clients prefer finishes such as textured, smooth troweled or stamped. At completion of the finishing, joints will be cut into the newly poured slab to allow for movements caused by temperature changes and shrinking of the concrete when drying. Next, the curing process takes place and usually lasts about 28 days, with the first week being the most critical. At project completion, our crew will provide a timeline of recommendations for walking, driving and parking on your new concrete driveway.

Concrete makes for an extremely durable, low-maintenance driveway. However, there are two add-ons we recommend to prolong its useful life and appearance. Beginning with applying a high-quality sealer, either the same day as pouring, or within a month after completion. The next is using soap and water occasionally to clean the surface. Both of these practices will help with minimizing stains or discolorations.

At Lush Landscape & Irrigation, we enjoy improving clients’ properties, if you have additional questions about our concrete driveway installation process, or would like to schedule a consultation for your project, call us today or request a quote and our staff will be in touch shortly. 

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