Retaining and Boulder Walls

Retaining structure builder based in the north metro.

Not every property is completely flat, which can lead to challenges when designing your landscaping. However, Lush Landscape and Irrigation are the expert wall structure builders in the north metro! We solve the dilemma to prevent potential erosion by constructing wall systems that stand the test of time. 

Soil erosion is generally one of the biggest concerns if your property features any hills or steep slopes. We know how to use your property’s geography to your advantage to build a proper retaining wall equipped with an efficient drainage system that can withstand the wear and tear of torrential rain fall, snow melt and ground freezing and thawing.

paver patio with seating wall

Boulder Walls

Boulder walls offer the solution to reduce the slope on your property at a cost-effective and affordable rate, when compared to a manufactured block wall. Whether you have sand, soil, or clay on your property, boulder walls are a great option for a more natural look. You can rely on our highly trained team to ensure that your retaining wall design and materials using boulders is the right choice. Then after completion, your rock wall will be look stunning and become a source of protection for your property.

Block Retaining Walls

There are many ways to construct a retaining wall to ensure that you can control soil erosion, interlocking block is a great method. You can create a strong retaining wall without mortar so that your block does not have to set before you have a completed wall. We construct this customized and stable type of retaining wall with efficiency and stellar craftsmanship that you would expect from an expert wall builder. With dozens of block style and color options to choose from for your project, combine our team’s decades of experience and skill to provide you with a beautiful and functional retaining wall.

We offer financing for boulder and retaining wall projects! Get in touch or call us today at (612) 386-0783 to learn more about our wall construction process, pricing and financing options.

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