Irrigation Blowout and Winterization

Lawn sprinkler system blowouts and winterizing services in Isanti and surrounding areas of the north metro including Andover, Cambridge, East Bethel, Elk River, Ham Lake, Nowthen, Ramsey, St. Francis and more.

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Every winter in Minnesota, the frost level extends below the depth of your irrigation system’s pipes, heads and valves. It is an absolute necessity to remove the water from your system before winter arrives. Failure to do so will cause the pipes to freeze, expand, and then crack, possibly rupturing any of the parts during the expansion process.

The unfortunate result of not properly winterizing your sprinkler system is a huge bill in the springtime to repair your system and replace the damaged parts. Allow us to help with our industry-leading, ultra-efficient lawn irrigation system winterizing service.

Efficient and Affordable Sprinkler Blowouts

Equipped with specialty industrial air compressors, we utilize the “blow out” method to winterize your sprinkler system. This can be complicated process, because too much pressure pushed in the lines can damage parts of your system, so we train our team to apply an appropriate amount of air pressure to efficiently and effectively remove the water from your underground sprinkler pipes, valves and heads in a timely manner. Our pricing is affordable, starting at just $50 and increases based on the total amount of sprinkler zones your property has.

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