Yard Grading and Black Dirt

Grading and black dirt delivery services in the north metro.

If you have recently redone the landscaping at your property and require an area to be leveled out or the slope corrected – whether it’s near your home’s foundation to prevent water infiltration or yard grading needs, we are the go-to grading services company in the north metro

Cutting a lawn that is bumpy or playing sports on an uneven turf surface can be outright miserable and potentially dangerous. Scraping away the existing lawn surface, followed by grading with fresh black dirt and installing sod is the best way to even out a rough yard surface or start over if your current lawn has been overtaken by weeds.

We offer financing for any size yard grading projects! Get in touch or call us today at (612) 386-0783 to learn more.

Final Grading, Leveling and Slope Correction

In addition to general grading services such as leveling out areas or fixing slopes, we also offer final grade services on newly built properties – both residential and commercial. A common package we have done for 100s of newly built homes is the initial rough grading after the home’s construction is complete (if needed), followed by delivering black dirt, final grading, landscaping throughout the property, irrigation system installation and lastly, sod installation. Our ultra-efficient team typically completes these projects in a day or two, and it completely transforms the look of your property!

black dirt grading and sod

Black Dirt Delivery

Are you looking for topsoil or black dirt for your next lawn renovation or landscaping project? We always have a large supply of soil available for delivery to your property. We provide delivery service to any location in the north metro area that is accessible to a dump truck. Give us a call at (612) 386-0783 to learn more information on our black dirt and delivery pricing.

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