Irrigation System Start Up

Lawn sprinkler system start up for residential and commercial clients in the north metro.

It is imperative to set up your underground automatic lawn sprinkler system properly to ensure your watering times are long enough to provide adequate watering while not being too long where your lawn becomes soaked and saturated. Another important factor is the time of day the watering takes place.

During an irrigation start up service, upon the initial operation of the system – we perform a comprehensive visual inspection to ensure that it is not damaged and that it will continue to water without a beat throughout spring, summer and fall. 

What We Do During A Sprinkler Start Up

  • Perform a visual operational inspection of your system to check for any visible damage
  • Fill the system with water (turning the system on) to ensure there is no damage that was not visible - leaks, valve issues, etc.
  • Run the system through each zone and adjust sprinkler heads if needed
  • Remove overgrown turf from sprinkler heads if needed
  • Program your system's controller to ensure adequate watering duration on every part of your lawn and landscape

If there are any damaged parts or leaks are detected, we will inform you of the issues that need to be resolved. We then provide a quote for the irrigation repairs or service work required to make your system functional again.

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