Irrigation System Repairs

Lawn sprinkler system repairs and service work in the north metro.

A sprinkler system that is not operating properly can cause tremendous damage and cost you money in the long run. One example being a faulty sprinkler head that fails to “pop up” and water its designated area can lead to parts of your lawn not receiving adequate water, which causes your lawn to dry out, especially during a stretch of hot weather.

Another common issue is a leaky system, which will increase your water bill, and even cause water damage in your home if it is not promptly fixed. If you are in need of sprinkler repairs, our team of sprinkler repair experts is here to help. There isn’t anything we have not seen or done when it comes to repairing all parts of your underground sprinkler system – stuck valves, broken back-flows, inactive controllers, lake pump failures, etc., Lush has you covered.

irrigation system repair

Repair and Service Work We Offer:

  • Replacing broken sprinkler heads or adjusting the existing ones
  • Add or relocate sprinkler heads, pipes or valves due to lawn renovation or new landscaping
  • Diagnosing why a zone will not turn on to water
  • Repair or replacing a malfunctioning back-flow preventer on the side of your house or commercial building
  • Low water pressure in specific zones

Whether your system is suffering from leaks, broken heads, electrical malfunctions, you’re in need of a new controller so you can operate your sprinklers from a mobile app or anything else related to your lawn irrigation system, our highly trained and extremely knowledgable lawn sprinkler repair technicians are equipped to find and fix whatever is disrupting the performance of your sprinkler system.

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