Lawn and Landscaping Drainage Solutions

Yard drainage services in Isanti and surrounding areas of the north metro.

Your landscape can be ruined without the proper set up for drainage. Whether you are looking to have the land around your home re-graded to ensure proper drainage, or want to hire a company that can create a great landscape while maintaining proper grade, Lush Landscape and Irrigation will deliver. Drainage work is not exactly the most glamorous part of building your landscape, but it can be one of the most important. Because without an ideal drainage plan, your property will be at the mercy of the elements and in Minnesota this comes in the form of heavy snow and torrential downpours, plus frost heaving. Over the course of time your gardens will wash out. Your patios and other spaces will also suffer damage. Furthermore, your home’s foundation could be damaged by erosion. All of these repairs are costly. However, with proper drainage setup these repairs are almost always preventable.

digging drainage trench in lawn

Drain Tile and Grading For Lawn and Landscape Drainage

If you are experiencing soft spots in your lawn after a day of rain or a thunderstorm, you may have drainage problems within your lawn. One of the best solutions to solve this problem is with drain tile installed in a trench to move water from that area to a better suited location. 

One of the worst issues regarding drainage is seeing water around your home’s foundation and then infiltrating your basement. A common solution to this is removing the existing landscaping around trouble areas of your foundation, then increasing the slope with top soil and grading, then properly compacting the soil beneath to ensure water runs away from your home, and lastly, install new landscaping.

Depending on the soil type at your property, a cost-effective drainage strategy is to install drain tile at the bottom of your gutter downspouts that may disperse water into your landscaping or onto the lawn in close proximity to your foundation. 

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