Irrigation System Installation

Sprinkler system installation services in Isanti, MN and surrounding areas.

Spending your afternoon setting timers and alarms to then go outside in the heat and humidity to wrestle hoses and move sprinklers does not exactly sound like a fun way to spend summer. Hiring us to install an underground lawn sprinkler system will allow you to have your lawn and landscape consistently watered, which will yield to a thick, lush lawn throughout the growing season, and best of all – not having to worry about your grass, trees and plants getting enough water.

After installation, we will set up your system to operate automatically on a schedule that works for you and any city odd/even watering regulations that your city requires, allowing for worry free watering even if you are on vacation for two weeks.

Lawn Irrigation System

Benefits of an Irrigation System

  • Reduce watering costs and wasted water
  • Increases property value
  • Yard, trees, shrubs and flowers grow healthier thanks to consistent watering
  • Watering becomes as easy as pushing a few buttons – busy families will have more free time, businesses save on property management

Sprinkler System Design

We design our irrigation systems to provide the best coverage for your turf and landscape areas while performing efficiently to reduce wasted water and money down the drain. Our expert irrigation installation teams are highly trained in designing lawn and landscape waters systems for all applications including city water, wells, and pump systems from lakes, ponds or rivers.

We offer financing for irrigation systems! Get in touch or call us today at (612) 386-0783 to learn more about project financing.

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