Sod Installation

New lawn installation services in the north metro.

Sod is the one of the best ways to start a new lawn when compared to using traditional grass seed. Your lawn often takes up the most visual space within a landscape, so we ensure your sod project is done right including site prep such as removing an existing lawn, weeds or landscape, grading the area with black dirt at a proper slope to allow for adequate drainage, and proper installation techniques to ensure your sod begins to root into the soil and grows to its full potential, giving you an amazing yard for decades to come. We specialize in sod installation for both newly constructed homes that require the foundational landscaping, final grading, irrigation and sod, as well full-scale renovations of existing lawns. 

new sod installed

Benefits To Sod Versus Traditional Seed or Hydroseeding

  • Instant green lawn
  • Sod will root faster than seed
  • Helps prevent erosion when installed properly
  • Can be installed throughout the growing season
  • Sod will outcompete weeds that try to move in
  • Once sod begins to root, it is ready for normal lawn traffic

Whether you have just purchased a lot and a new home is being built and you need a lawn established, or you are looking to spruce up your existing lawn, the team at Lush Landscape and Irrigation are the sod experts in the north metro. We also offer financing for sod projects! 

Get in touch or call us at today (612) 386-0783 to learn more about about our sod installation and financing your next project.

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