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Professional concrete patio installers in Saint Francis, Isanti and surrounding areas throughout the north metro offering new concrete installation and replacement to residential and commercial clients.

Concrete Patio Contractor

Concrete patios are a unique addition to the exterior of your home or business property that can be a space for gathering with family, friends and neighbors, or for your restaurant guests to enjoy an evening at happy hour. Concrete patios enhance the experience of your backyard during our beautiful Minnesota summers thanks to its immense durability, ability to be formed into any shape, plus a wide variety of designs, color choices, textures and patterns. Many property owners throughout the north metro prefer a patio that is low-maintenance, this makes concrete an ideal choice.

Our concrete patio artisans have the skill sets, knowledge and expertise to take your backyard dreams and turn them into reality. Pricing for a traditional concrete patio installation begins at $6 per square foot. Let’s discuss your new concrete patio! Give us a call today at (612) 386-0783 or requesting a quote

Our Typical Concrete Patio Installation Process

1. Excavation and Removal

The area for your new patio is laid out, and the soil is excavated to a proper depth, if it involves removing an existing structure or landscaping, we will remove it with heavy equipment and haul away the debris. 

2. Site Prep

The next step is to prepare the area where concrete will be poured. This begins with compacting the sub-base. Then hauling in base material (class 5) and compacting it to a depth of several inches and ensuring it is set at a proper slope to encourage water to run off away from structures into the turf or landscaping

3. Forms

Wood or steel forms are installed along the edge of the entire area where the concrete will be placed for your new patio. These forms are staked down to hold the concrete until the curing process is complete and then removed easily. 

4. Pouring Concrete

Once forms are in place, it is time to pour in your new concrete. A ready-mix concrete truck will arrive at your property, and depending on the placement of your patio, the concrete will be poured from the truck into the new patio space if located in the front. If your new patio is in going to be installed in the backyard, the concrete may be brought manually with wheel barrows. As it is poured in, our crew will move around and smooth out the concrete to ensure an even surface.

5. Pre-Finish

The concrete is leveled out and edges made to look uniform. Then our crew will screed out the surface and use hand trowels to even out the tighter areas and along the edges. 

6. Finishing, Cutting Joints and Curing

Once the new concrete surface has been prepped, our crew applies a finish to your new concrete. Many clients prefer finishes such as textured, smooth troweled or stamped. At completion of the finishing process, joints are cut into the newly poured slab to allow for movements caused by temperature swings and shrinking of the concrete when drying. Next, the curing process takes place and usually lasts about 28 days, with the first week being the most critical. At project completion, our crew will provide you with a timeline of recommendations for walking, sitting and other use of your new concrete patio.

Create A Lifetime of Memories in Your Back Yard

Concrete creates a long lasting, low-maintenance patio that will provide decades of future enjoyment. There are two enhancements that we recommend to prolong the useful life and stunning appearance. Beginning with applying a top quality sealer, this should be rendered either the same day as pouring, or within a month after completion. Then using a mild soap with water occasionally to clean the surface. Both of these practices will help within minimizing stains or discolorations.

At Lush Landscape & Irrigation, we thoroughly enjoy improving clients’ properties and would love to have the opportunity to transform yours. If you have additional questions about our concrete patio installation process, or would like to schedule a meeting with our staff to discuss your upcoming patio project, call us today at (612) 386-0783 or request a quote and we will be in touch shortly. 

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