Lawn Seeding

Increase the overall density of your grass and enhance your lawn’s appearance with a lawn seed top-dressing service.

Cost-Effective Method For Creating a Lush Lawn

If you have recently noticed that your turf is not as thick as it was in years past, it may be time to consider a top-dressing of grass seed. This commonly referred to as an overseeding service. Overseeding is an affordable and popular solution to helping your turf become thick and lush. With proper watering after the application, the new grass seed provides a boost to tired, thinning lawns and brings them back to full color and full growth in due time. As lawn seeding experts in Isanti and the surrounding north metro, our team can assess whether this service will benefit your yard or if it is a better option to start over fresh with a lawn renovation and sod installation. We provide lawn seeding services throughout the growing season, with the exception of immediately after a crabgrass pre-emergent fertilizer application (the pre-emergent will stop seeds from sprouting for about 4-6 weeks, so it is best to wait until after that to apply grass seed).

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