Lawn Dethatching

Break through the layer of thatch in your yard with a professional dethatching service from Lush Landscape & Irrigation, serving residential and commercial clients in Isanti, Cambridge, Saint Francis, Elk River and surrounding areas of the north metro.

Top-Tier Lawn Dethatching Services

Over the years, your turf will build up a layer of dead grass between the soil and grass. Normally this layer of thatch is present to retain moisture in the soil and it provides essential nutrients to your lawn so it remains lush. But if this layer builds up too much it can choke out your turf and significantly hinder your grass. Symptoms of this include slow growth, areas that are nearly dead, lack of response to fertilizer and others issues that may arise. Tine rake dethatching your grass is one of the most best ways to make sure your lawn will flourish. Our professionals provide power raking and lawn dethatching services in Isanti and surrounding areas of the north metro to both residential and commercial clients with yards of all sizes.

Our Yard Dethatching Service Process

Since the soil’s surface is now “opened up” after a successful dethatching, it is best practice take this opportunity to apply the first fertilizer application (a crabgrass pre-emergent with nitrogen and potash) immediately following a spring clean up and lawn dethatching service. This allows the fertilizer to more effectively condition the soil beneath your lawn, leading to a better prevention of crabgrass and more nutrients for your grass to grow stronger.

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